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What to expect with Bandit



We hate wasting your time

That is why we have developed a Lean Recruiting methodology that works with our platform, allowing us to reduce the hiring process to just 2 weeks. Crazy right? 



Are you tired of receiving profiles that have nothing to do with what you are looking for?

We will never offer random candidates, we know our community and understand their skills. That is why we deliver talent that matches your expectations. We are not a consultant agency, we are much better than that.



Do they all promise the same but you still need more? We know!

We work with professionals all around the world. It doesn’t matter where you want the talent to be, our platform is capable of presenting you the ones you want. 



Do they all promise the same but you still need more? We know!

We understand the weaknesses of the hiring process and know that 3 months is not enough, that is why we offer a better service and share the risk with you. We don’t run away, we work together!

How it works

First to first!

Create your company profile. Present your vacancies, team and the way your company works.


80% of the professionals would give up a proposal with greater remuneration if they receive any other that best suits their expectations. Our bandits don’t expect just money but a balance between innovation, project, benefits and remuneration.

Choose your future team

Select the best candidates from our suggestion list and invite them for an interview.


90% of companies that successfully complete their profile are guaranteed to have a selection of ideal candidates and recognize they have found a right fit.

Connect and Hire

Fast, in 72 hours we present a complete offer to the candidate. We join you throughout the process making sure the quality never falls.


90% of our talents respond to your request. This gives you the opportunity to contact the best candidates. Let us advise you so that you get a high response rate!


Presenta una propuesta atractiva y lleva para tu equipo el mejor talento en menos de 2 semanas ¡Agiliza el proceso!


No Data ever lie por lo que puedes estar tranquilo porque el 70% de las propuestas enviadas por medio de nuestro sistema son aceptadas.

Our services


We are experts at recruiting digital talent, from developers, designer to marketers. Our platform and recruiting team IT allow us to improve the process of selection substantially, delivering the ideal candidate in record time.

Working methodology

The starting point is the job description.

We work directly with the decision maker and help the HR team increase their productivity. All the candidates are carefully selected. We can add up technical and coordinate the interviews after the presentation.


We increase the productivity of the client’s HR team by sending relevant candidates that match exactly what they needed.  Our sources team grants them more time for interviews.

Working methodology

We centralize in our platform all the client’s search, then we present a complete selection of relevant profiles. The professionals are screened via email by the team of sources to guarantee the best practice.

Extended workforce

Hire the number you need, just one professional or a team. Bandit takes care of all the paper work and transaction in between. The professional can work at home or in our offices at an additional cost.

Working methodology

We begin with the description of the position; we do our best to get your culture in order to attract the best talent. We perform the recruiting process inside our platform and once we confirmed the professional interest, we manage their monthly payment. All candidates are interviewed and are presented along with a detail report about their profile and evaluation.

Employer branding

We created a communication strategy to boost your brand impact among current and future employees. We execute this strategy with the purpose of achieving a large volume of potential candidates.

Working methodology

We focus on Social Media Recruiting, Candidate Centric Recruiting and Branding Recruiting… interested? Give us a call!