Empresa FAQ

Companies FAQ

We are a platform that improves substantially the  process of finding and hiring digital talent, offering candidates in record time through our Lean Recruiting methodology. Thanks to our expert recruiting team IT and the use of an advanced technology we can give you access to profiles of highly qualified professionals of different parts of the world that have already been tested and pre-selected. You will not find better talents than here. We guarantee quality, agility and excellent results.

Registration is free. We offer services with different fees according to the number of candidates you require and the demanded profile.

For each candidate hired we charge only once and depending on the profile, between 13-18% of the gross annual salary. All our candidates have a 3-month guarantee. However you can apply to our extended warranty service by which we give you 10 months warranty and pay monthly during that period 2% of the gross annual salary of the professional.

After registering our representatives will contact you to learn about your hiring needs. In a short meeting we will evaluate and consider everything: the profile/s you are looking for, your budget, your company location, how you want to hire and other aspects among which you can specify even personality features. At once we will get to work to offer you a series of ideal candidates according to what has been previously agreed.

Every 2 weeks we will present a number of candidates that adapt to your hiring needs. If you like a profile you can invite him/her to an interview. Most of the candidates will answer your request either accepting or rejecting it. In the case the candidate accepts, you will have to be fast and not waste a minute for there are other companies searching him. Thus you have to make a concrete offer or cancel the process of interview in a term of less than 5 working days.

The process was worked out to hire up to 2 weeks after the search has started. We have the most wanted candidates that have already been tested and pre-selected, ready to start working in your team.

No. If you have questions about the candidate’s background (experience, work, studies and other variables) you can contact our representatives who will know how to advise you correctly.