Hire freelance for
you long-term projects
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Talent thirst for new projects

We use advanced methodologies to connect with the talent that is searching for new temporary job to work and who matches with your skills

Fast and easy way of hiring

Hire talent without stress. We take care of the paperwork and the contract, simplifying the processes and accelerating the times.

Keep Your Focus on the execution of your ideas, we take care of everything else

We get you the best professional for your long-term project and we manage the contracts.

Flex service

Find the talent that based on the volume of your demand: freelance part time or full time.

Strees Out

Solo concentrate en la materialización de tu ideas. Nosotros nos encargamos de encontrarte el talento ideal, de su contrato y forma de pago.

A escala

Contrate un solo profesional para incorporar a tu equipo o un equipo completo, todo dependiendo de tus necesidades. ¡Nosotros nos adaptamos a lo que desees!

Los Freelances Bandit sonsinónimos de calidad y de satisfacción

Contratar un profesional freelance no es algo menor. Todo lo contrario, permite que agilices los tiempos de produccion y ejecucion de tus proyectos. Canalizar tus necesidades de negocio a través de Bandit te garantiza que trabajarás con los mejores talentos.

The skills you need in record time

If you need specific skills in your team or want to get a job done quickly, hiring Bandit Freelance is an excellent option to take it forward and fulfill your goals.

Remote team

Do you need special skills but you are not ready to hire full time professionals? This is THE solution for you: have the best talents that you are searching for face a long-term project with a low level of risk.

Agility Outboruding

  • We support you in the choosing process for your hiring need to sugest the profiles there are compatible with what you are really looking for.
  • We manage the hiring process quickly and easily
  • We set up and we take care of the talent payments: so you just need to focus in your project.

Everything on the table: we are transparent!

The search process of finding and hiring talent is totally transparent, just like water.

Contratos claros

We establish all the guidelines, requirements of the hiring by the company and the talent: remuneration, hours, objectives.

Pre-set payments

Bandit’s fee is a simple percentage of the professional’s time worked.


It’s super easy. Just create your profile in Bandit, complete the form describing your hiring need. You will receive proposals from the best Bandit freelance who are actively looking for long-term projects and fit perfectly with the skills you need. This type of hiring is much more agile: companies usually hire a professional in less than 7 days.

We have expert profiles in development, computer science, design, marketing, sales, editors, translators, business services and more. You can hire part time or full time profesional. If you receive a profile that you like a lot but does not adapt to the modality of hiring you want also you can negotiate this with the help of our team. Everything is possible in Bandit!

Match with the best developers, marketers, designers, product experts who are ready for an opportunity!

Complete your hiring needs!