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What to expect as a Bandit



We speak your language and understand what you do.

Enough of blah, blah, blah. We deliver career opportunities that are relevant, in Bandit you will not have to guess anything nor suffer to explain what you do or what do you expect … that’s our job : )



hello to globalization

In an online world having borders is irrelevant, that’s why we offer you global projects and a large number of international companies that are waiting to meet you.



We are not offering you rubbish.

We care about quality. The career opportunities we send are verified. We look for the best offers and the best companies to present to you, stop looking for the needle in the haystack… Let us do it for you !



We know you can’t wait and don’t want slow processes full of steps and without a feedback.

Bandit has developed the Lean Recruiting methodology and with our platform we can make the hiring process agile, exclusive and guaranteed results. Just give us a week and we will show you the best without wasting your time.

How it works

Tell your story

We know you are unique that is why this community has been designed for you. Register in Bandit with your Linkedin account, customize your profile with your work preferences and location. Our team will contact you to recommend job opportunities according to your expectations.


You should not spend hours filling the same forms over and over again. In Bandit you only do one login for life and while using the platform we learn how to serve you better. Let’s face it, forms are too old school for Bandits

We present them, you choose

Discover only the projects that you love. Choose the offers that interest you and schedule an interview using our chat, we will follow you in the process.


All completed profiles receive relevant proposals. Accept or reject requests using our app and if you want, our team will advise you on how to respond to these invitations.

Choose the rightfit, share a gift

Meet your future boss. Schedule interviews and get to know a bit more about the project you are interested in. Additionally, we will reward you with a bonus if you get a job through our community. Cool right? What are you waiting for!


Compare multiple offers and choose the one that best suits you… The odds are in your favor!
75% of the professionals are hired after the process is completed.

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