Talento FAQ

Talent FAQ

In Bandit talent is the protagonist on which we lay all our effort through an innovative service, simple and efficient with the purpose of providing them whatever they want: a job in consonance with their requirements.

We know you are unique that is why this community has been designed for you. Register in Bandit with your Linkedin, we will contact you in record time to recommend job opportunities according to your expectations.

Choose in our App the offers that interest you and schedule an interview, we will escort you through the process.

Additionally we will reward you with a bonus if you get a job through our community. What are you waiting for to belong? Register now.

In Bandit you can find job offers and full or part time projects of different specialities like web programming wherever you want., Testing and QA, development, informatics and much more. It also offers jobs related to design, multimedia and marketing online.

The big companies come to us hungry for good talent and eager to summon you to their team. They search and you choose. These are the rules here.

After having been interviewed by our team, you will be notified if you are a Bandit or not. If your profile is approved we will invite you to be part of it, you just have to accept and download our app. There you will be able to apply to offers of your speciality and get proposals for job interviews.

Being a Bandit, apart from choosing jobs according to your expectations, you will also have the opportunity of positioning among those companies that are in search of a talent like you. It is as if you were on stage performing a show with all the companies  there admiring you.

Once you register and complete your profile, we will contact you in 24h.

It is a must that the professionals have a first approach with our team so that they can evaluate if you are a Bandit or not. Are you ready to face this challenge? Test yourself and your knowledge. If you are chosen to become a member of Bandit we will let you know.

We will invite you to belong to our community, you just have to accept and download our app. As from there you will be able to apply to jobs according to your skills and start getting proposals of your interest. It is important for you to have activity and participate in our community, otherwise your profile will be deleted.

One of the main reasons why your profile can be rejected is because there is not enough demand of your skills. We will not waste your time in a platform that does not offer proposals according to your skills.

Bandit is a platform built from two fundamental pillars: advanced technology correctly applied and an expert recruiting team with great experience in the market IT. Together they are power.

Why? Technology cooperates with the algorithms of recommendation to detect if a professional profile applies or not to  current job opportunities.

On the other hand the recruiting team is an essential piece for the evaluation, testing and talent selection, thus guaranteeing the quality of the  opportunity offered to the professional and the company’s satisfaction need.

When a company invites you to an interview you will have access to all the information corresponding to the job offer or project. If you accept an interview it is because there is an interest on your part. Once you accept, one of our sales representative will contact you to instruct you about the following steps and coordinate the following meetings. Accepting an interview is not a decisive or binding decision, not at all! You will be able to receive other applications, accept or reject them. They search and you choose. Here you are the star!